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Vissco Knee Brace Long Type PC0701

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Color: beige
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Buy Vissco Knee Brace Long Type PC0701 is just the medical equipment you need while recuperating from a painful or injured knee. Our high-end product will be massively helpful for a comfortable stroll in the park post-surgery, and its adjustable, long straps on either side allow for a perfect fit. Owing to its ingenious design, the Buy Vissco Knee brace can be utilized for both Rehabilitative and regular purposes. Apart from serving the obvious purpose of a regular brace, our product differs in its exceptional customer reviews and versatile fitting. In contrast to regular knee straps that eat through the skin and suffocate the legs to the point that they go numb, our Vissco equipment is aimed at providing maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Vissco Knee Brace Long Features:

  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Soft on leg tissues
  • Flexible wear
  • Firm support
  • Double locking
  • Anti-odour
  • Anti-fungal
  Vissco Knee Brace Benefits:
  • Exceptionally suited for post-surgery mobilization
  • can be used to nurse torn ligaments.
  • wear-resistant
  • durable materials
  Direction of use: Use may vary depending on the severity & type of knee problem. For nursing mild problems, simply place the knee strap over the affected area and wrap it around from behind by attaching the velcro straps to the front. You can then adjust the velcro based on your comfort, followed by taking the elastic band and stretching it to attach with the velcro. For usage during severe knee problems, kindly consult your local physician or medical expert.   FAQ's Q1. Does one size fit all? Ans. Ergonomic fit allows the user to adjust the strap according to their needs, so practically yes. Q2. Is it effective? Ans. The revolutionary product has garnered incredible reviews from users worldwide, thereby stamping its authenticity. Q3. Can I wear them while exercising? Ans. The flexible mold and adjustable, elastic strap allow you to use them while exercising. However, it’s not suited to high-end sports or athletics.  
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