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Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask 25 Pcs

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Best and Top Brand Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask | This is the most disposable and non-woven ear loop design. Go out every day without any fear while using These face masks. These face masks have 4-layer filtration designed to keep away most bacteria, dust, pollutants, and viruses. They are reusable when appropriately cared for.

These masks are different from the N95 mask, but suitable for average, everyday use. These masks are reusable with proper care and sanitizing.

Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask Specialization

Brand  Romsons
Color  White
Type Face Mask Ear Loop
Number of Masks 25 pieces
Antimicrobial Yes
Anti-Pollution Yes
Filtration Up to 95%
Number of Layers 4
Material Polypropylene
Manufacturer By Romsons Group Private Limited

 Romsons 3D Face Mask Benefits Of Use

  • Melt Blown Filter Makes it Fluid Repellent & Filters Bacteria Released in Droplets & Aerosols
  • Disposable Protective Face Mask, Ideal For One-Time Use Only.
  • Incredibly Soft Non-Woven Ear Loops. Can Be Comfortably Worn For Longer Time
  • Comfortable Snug-Fit Experience With Complete Protection
  • 3 Dimensional Construction Fits All Face Types Perfectly
  • Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask and our tips for care and uses Online prices
  • Best Sugarchck Advanced Glucometer Test Strips manual Online Price


Q: Are Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask washable? Ans: No, these Romsons 3D face masks are non-washable. These masks are made for one-time use only. Q: How's that for fitting a Ramsons mask? Ans: These Romsons masks are designed with standard fit to make them suitable for most face sizes.  

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