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Pulse Oximeter (Finger Tip) Naulakha

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The Naulakha Pulse Oximeter uses infrared light refraction to help you measure how oxygen is binding to your red blood cells. It can be easily slid over your fingertip and is small and easy to carry or move around. The device comes with a battery indicator and displays a Pulse bar graph, pulse waveform, SpO2 value, and pulse rate value as well. The oximeter also has a dedicated power on key. With 3 modes of LED display, continuous working time of up to 12 hours, auto-shut-off function, Oxygen Saturation Range of 25%-100%, and pulse rate range of 30-235BPM, you never have to look for another way to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Naulakha Pulse Oximeter Features

Brand Name Naulakha
Model Naulakha CuroMED
Type Fingertip pulse oximeter
Colour Multicolour
Model YK-8OB
Warranty 1 Year
Battery 1 AA Batteries
Weight 30 grams
  Benefits of Using Naulakha Pulse Oximeter: 
  • Has 3 display modes
  • LED Display
  • Continuous Working time of 12 hours
  • SPO2 measurement range – 60% to 100%
  • Pulse rate measurement range- 30-235BPM
  • Oxygen Saturation Range-25%-100%
  • Auto-shut-off function
  FAQs Q: How to use the Pulse Oximeter?
  • To use the oximeter, first press the bottom to open the probe
  • Insert the finger into the bottom of the machine
  • Press the operating button to activate the oximeter
Q:2 What is the Purpose of using a Pulse Oximeter? Ans: It helps you effectively measure the amount of oxygen in your blood.  

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