POCT Pre Injection Swab 100 Pcs (2 Packet)
POCT Pre Injection Swab 100 Pcs (2 Packet)
POCT Pre Injection Swab 100 Pcs (2 Packet)

POCT Pre Injection Swab 100 Pcs (2 Packet)

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POCT Pre Injection Swab | These bacteria-resistant swabs come in a standard packing of 100 swabs per box These injection swabs are bacteria resistant and can be used to clean the area before injecting the medicine onto the body. This prevents the area from being affected by bacteria while applying the injection. The material is made of non-woven cloth and hence is safe to be rubbed on for all ages and skin types. These are alcohol swabs, providing maximum hygiene. These are medical swabs and can also be used for personal purposes.

POCT Pre Injection Swab Features

Brand Name POCT (Point of Care)
Name Pre Injection Swab 100 pcs
Count 100
Pack of 2
Alcohol Content 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Durability Long
Material Type Non-Woven Cloth Material
Manufacturer Hollister Medical India

Benefits of Using POCT Pre Injection Swab:

  • Suitable for cleaning wounds.
  • Suitable for both medical and personal usage.
  • Can be used by old-aged people and diabetic patients prior to their insulin injections.
  • Can be used to clean small cuts or splinters.
  • Processed hygienically to provide maximum cleanliness.
  • Fights against harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • 100 swabs per box are provided.


Q:1 How to use POCT Pre Injection Swab? Ans: Tear open the cover of one swab packet. Take out the swab and rub onto the affected/required area. Q:2 What does the medical pre-injection swab do? Ans: Cleans the area around the skin where injection is to be given. Q:3 What is the Purpose of using poct pre-injection swab? Ans: Bacteria-resistant swabs help clean the area of the skin prior to giving the injection. Cleans the wounds and small cuts, preventing it from being infected.  

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