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Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valve

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Best Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valve Online Price | The valve attached to the oxygen cylinder regulates the flow of gas to the patient through a regulator. It comes with a rotameter and a dehumidifier bottle. The Oxygen Concentrator rescues patients precisely by maintaining a steady flow of oxygen. The regulator automatically maintains the pressure flow rate even after the change in the capacity cylinder content once setting the flow rate. Hospitals and nursing homes use this for oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valve Features:

Product name Oxygen Fine Adjustment Valves
Material  Premier-grade Polycarbonate/Metal
Flowmeter capacity 150 l/min
Rust-proof Yes
Manufacturer By Shyam Exmi

Benefits of Oxygen Fine Adjustment Uses:

  • Fine adjustment of gas volume with Spindle-shaped knob
  • Can be installed with any gas cylinder
  • Adjustable reducer
  • Efficiently reduces gas volume as per requirement
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate body
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Q: How difficult is Oxygen Fine Adjustment to install? Ans: It is easy to install. Align the regulator to the head of the cylinder and tighten the fly screw. Connect the flow meter with the regulator outlet and tighten it. Q: Is it durable? Ans: Oxygen Fine Adjustment has an unbreakable polycarbonate body. It has a sturdy build quality, so it has a long working life.  
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