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Non-Contact (Infrared Thermometer) BPL (Forehead + Ear Mode)

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This Infrared Thermometer Temperature BPL is a vital device for any home, hospital, and clinic. One can measure temperature through the forehead and ear without physical contact. So, This is ideal for taking the temperature of babies. The probe must be pointed at 1-5 cm from the forehead or inserted into the ear. It gives quick, accurate results. The thermometer automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of idle time.  

Infrared Thermometer Temperature BPL  Features

  • Product name- Non-Contact (Infrared Thermometer) BPL (Forehead + Ear Mode)
  • Temperature measurement modes- 3-in-1/ Surface, Forehead and Ear Mode
  • Temperature modes - °F and °C
  • Number of memory records- 20
  • Indicator- Alarm
  • Manufacturer By - BPL
  IR Thermometer Benefits:
  • It is a non-contact thermometer so, you need not fear any infection.
  • Measuring the temperature of babies is convenient with its ear and forehead modes.
  • Automatic temperature calibration enhances accuracy.
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Q: What is the response time of the BPL Infrared thermometer? Ans: IR thermometer has a quick response time. It records and displays temperature in 1 second without any waiting time. Q: What does a surface mode do? Ans: The surface mode measures the temperature of an object’s surface, such as milk and water. You can also measure room temperature with this mode.  
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