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Medical Compression Stocking Knee High Class 2 (Pair), Beige, 1 Pair

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Medical compression stockings provide graduated compression, which is strongest at the ankle and it gradually decreases as we move up. This controlled and graduated compression effectively stops any abnormal backflow of blood. They compress the outer walls of superficial veins to make them strong and prevent varicose veins. Attributes GRADED AND ACCURATE COMPRESSION Higher grade of spandex ensures effective compression and uniform reduction of compression from bottom to top. It is available in different compression classes. It ensures effective blood evacuation and offers a snug fit. ANATOMICAL SHAPE It ensures perfect fitting and uniform compression even on uneven limb surface TOP SILICONE LINED BAND Ensures no slippage, optimal grip and no constriction at the top edge. OPEN TOE DESIGN The open toe design reduces wear and tear and helps in easy application of the product. HIGH QUALITY, HIGH DENIER YARNS USED
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