Karma WK-51-BR One-Button Folding Walker
Karma WK-51-BR One-Button Folding Walker
Karma WK-51-BR One-Button Folding Walker

Karma WK-51-BR One-Button Folding Walker

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Karma Folding Wheel walker Wk-51 Br for old age persons Online at Best Price in India, For people who have osteoarthritis, doctors prescribe them to require mobility aids which can be walkers, canes, and many more aids. Karma Walker WK-51 helps in the walking process. It also enhances the balance of the person. It has 8 height adjustable sections. Old age will never make you dependent on others when you use Karma Walker WK-51. You can do anything and everything that you wish to do while using this walker. It is a one-button folding walker. It is easy to use. It has 8 height adjustable sections and comes in various colors.

Karma Folding Wheel walker Features:

Type of walker Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker
Brand Karma
Walker Name Karma One-Button Folding Walker
Height Length 79.5-95 cm
Width 5″ Caster
Color Silver, Bronze
Dimensions 34.00in x 0.00in x 30.00in
Manufacturer Karma healthcare
Weight 2 kg 770 g
Manufacturer By Karma Healthcare Limited

Karma Folding wheel Walker Benefits of use:

  • The Walker is light in Weight lightweight walkers are good for old-aged people.
  • It is facilitated with  One Button Folding.
  • walker can be folded with the press of one button.
  • karma walker is an Aids as a Support For People With Poor Balance for Walk Independently.
  • The Walker has the quality of Slip Resistant.
  • Walker has 8 sections of adjusted height.
  • It looks so ethnic in look.
  • There are two wheels on the front legs. Which makes it special to walk from one place to another place.
  • Wheels are made of rubber so it's very smooth for walking.
  • On the handle, there is a rubber cover which makes it more comfortable to hold.
  • Buy More best Price walking stick, wheelchair, Mobility Aid Online Price

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