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Karma Ryder 200 MS FC Folding Commode Chair

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Karma 200 MS Fc Commode Chair makes it suitable for patients and elderly people with joint and knee pains and have difficulty in bending. They can use this commode for the passage of urine and stool as it eliminates the need for walking and bending/squatting. Also, this can be kept just beside the bed so that the person can use it easily with convenience when having the urge to go. It is of a standardized height and provides great comfort and stability.

Karma 200 MS FC Commode Chair Features 

Brand Karma
Name Folding Commode Chair
Model Ryder-200 MS FC
Frame Style Foldable
Maximum User Weight 100 kg
Manufacturer Karma Healthcare

Benefits of Using Karma 200 MS Fc Commode Chair:

  • Lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Simple design and removable pans underneath ensures a clean and hygienic surface after every usage.
  • It can also be used as a raised chair with a hole on the toilet.
  • It provides comfort to sit without any kind of strain. 
  • Can be stored in small living areas.
  • It provides comfort to sit without any kind of strain. 
  • It can hold a user weight of upto 100 Kgs.
  Purpose of Using Karma Commode Chair: Helps with the easy passage of stool and urine when seated on this commode chair.  


How to use Karma 200 MS Fc Commode Chair? Unfold, clasp the clips to keep it in an open state, remove the tray underneath and clean when done. Who is it suitable for? Suitable for patients and elderly people having difficulty in walking, bending and squatting.  

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