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Hot & Cold Pack (Beads), Grey, 1 Unit

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The Hot & Cold Pack is a convenient device to provide hot fomentation or cold compress. Hot fomentation of the injured or inflamed area enhances the threshold of pain and thus reduces its perception. It has a synergistic effect with pain relieving drugs. Raising temperature of the injured tissue also enhances the blood supply and the healing process. Hot fomentation has a relaxing effect. Cold compress helps in reduction of inflammation in injuries which protects by slowing the metabolic rate around the tissue, reduce oedema and bleeding. Cold compress helps in immediately lowering fever, in very high fever conditions. It can be used after an acute injury or surgical procedure. Attributes MULTI FUNCTIONALITY Reduces swelling and odema at the site of injury. Can be used during muscles spasm and pain. Can also be used during headache and minor injuries. VERSATILE DESIGN Can be used as either cold or hot pack. Reusable in either hot & cold condition. Temperature range ELASTIC BELT Holds the pack against the body and enhances convenience. PHYSICAL FEATURES It is non-toxic, and biodegradable. Gel remains soft and flexible upto 0 degree. It is durable and puncture resistant. Made out of Soft, “frost free” PVC cover. Flexible conforms to the body contours. It is easy to clean and maintain. Provides excellent workmanship and good aesthetics.
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