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Hollister uridom inview std 32 mm 97232 (3Pcs)

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This Hollister uridom inview 97232 std 32 mm is a silicone condom catheter for males designed in a soft non-latex and breathable material. Its skin-friendly self-adhesive sheath ensures it remains intact in case of accidental encounters. The elongated tip fits almost all night drainage systems without difficulty. Moreover, the three different styles provide a choice for a comfortable fit. Additionally, skin health monitoring is easy with the transparent construct.  

Uridom Inview 32MM 97232 Features 

Brand Hollister
Model 97232
Type Catheter
Skin-friendly Yes
Size 32 mm
Latex-Free Yes
Manufacturer By Hollister Medical
Suitable for Men
Styles 3; Special- Shorter sheath length
Standard- Regular length and bonding glue
Extra- 70% additional adhesive than the standard

Hollister uridom inview 97232 Benefits:

  • It is easy to apply a male catheter made from soft and breathable silicone material. Thus, it is safe for latex allergies.
  • Excellent skin-friendly adhesive to secure it against accidental detachment
  • Three styles, namely, special, standard, and extra for the right fit
  • The transparent material allows monitoring the skin easily
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Q: How do I know the correct size or style for me? Ans: The circumference and length measurement of the penis helps you to know the right fit for you. Q: What style is appropriate for daily use? Ans: The standard style has regular length and adhesive for daily wear.  
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