Hollister uridom inview std 32 mm 97232 (3Pcs)
Hollister uridom inview std 32 mm 97232 (3Pcs)
Hollister uridom inview std 32 mm 97232 (3Pcs)

Hollister uridom inview std 32 mm 97232 (3Pcs)

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This Hollister uridom inview 97232 std 32 mm is a silicone condom catheter for males designed in a soft non-latex and breathable material. Its skin-friendly self-adhesive sheath ensures it remains intact in case of accidental encounters. The elongated tip fits almost all night drainage systems without difficulty. Moreover, the three different styles provide a choice for a comfortable fit. Additionally, skin health monitoring is easy with the transparent construct.  

Uridom Inview 32MM 97232 Features 

Brand Hollister
Model 97232
Type Catheter
Skin-friendly Yes
Size 32 mm
Latex-Free Yes
Manufacturer By Hollister Medical
Suitable for Men
Styles 3; Special- Shorter sheath length
Standard- Regular length and bonding glue
Extra- 70% additional adhesive than the standard

Hollister uridom inview 97232 Benefits:

  • It is easy to apply a male catheter made from soft and breathable silicone material. Thus, it is safe for latex allergies.
  • Excellent skin-friendly adhesive to secure it against accidental detachment
  • Three styles, namely, special, standard, and extra for the right fit
  • The transparent material allows monitoring the skin easily
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Q: How do I know the correct size or style for me? Ans: The circumference and length measurement of the penis helps you to know the right fit for you. Q: What style is appropriate for daily use? Ans: The standard style has regular length and adhesive for daily wear.