Gluco Lab AUTOCODING 50 Glucometer Strips
Gluco Lab AUTOCODING 50 Glucometer Strips

Gluco Lab AUTOCODING 50 Glucometer Strips

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The Glucolab infopia Auto Coding 50 Glucometer with Test Strips | help you test for glucose using the latest Bio-sensor technology. With a measuring range of 10MG/DL-600MG/DL, the strips are simple and effective means to assist in collecting and helping monitor the blood glucose levels. These strips are prescribed to be used with a Glucolab Blood Glucose test meter. The range of blood glucose detection is 0.55-33.3mmol/l. Equipped with auto-coding technology, you can measure the glucose as quickly as within 5 seconds.

Glucolab Auto Coding 50 Glucometer Strips Features

Brand Name GlucoLab
Model GlucoLab Auto-coding
Number of Strips 50 Strips
Measuring Range 10MG/DL-600MG/DL
Generic Name Glucometer Strip
Country of Origin India

Benefits of using Glucolab Auto Coding:

  • Test for glucose in whole blood
  • Latest Bio-sensor technology
  • Auto-coding feature
  • Measuring Range of 10MG/DL-600MG/DL
  • Proudly Made in India Product


Q:1 How to use the test strips? Ans: To easily check your blood sugar level:
  • Insert the test strip into your blood glucose meter.
  • Prick your fingertip with the lancet (the tiny needle of the meter).
  • Press your finger a bit to release a drop of blood and apply it on the edge of the test strip.
  • The results will be out in no time!
Q:2 What is the Purpose of Using GlucoLab infopia Auto Coding Glucometer test Strips? Ans: The test strips help you easily test your blood sugar levels. These strips when used with the glucometer help you monitor glucose levels and keep you healthy. It is a must-buy for diabetes patients.  

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