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Flamingo Maternity Belt

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Best Brand Flamingo women pregnancy belt online Low Price, It is designed for women during the time of their pregnancy for the support of the lower back and abdomen. It evenly distributes the weight and makes the spine feel comfortable. It is made up of natural rubber, nylon, and polyester material. It provides comfortability in daily activities and is available in beige color Relieves pain in the back, legs, and abdomen. Supports in a natural way. It lifts and supports your abdomen and transfers the weight evenly and comfortably to your spine. It simply adds to your natural support, reducing the strain on your tissues and providing immediate relief.

Flamingo Maternity Belt Features 

Name Maternity Belt
Type Maternity Girdle
Size All
Size Number 90 inch
Material Natural Rubber, Nylon, Polyester Material
Stretchable Yes
Ideal Application Time During Pregnancy
Belt Features Balances body weight, Supports the baby

Benefits Of Uses Flamingo Maternity Belt

  • Use during pregnancy.
  • stretchable.
  • Minimize the lower back pain.
  • Lifts and supports your abdomen and evenly distributes the weight and makes your spine comfortable.
  • Provide comfortability in daily activities.
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women Pregnancy Belt Purpose and uses 

The purpose and use of the flamingo belt are to provide comfort to pregnant women during their daily activities. It decreases the back and joint pain and supports in a natural way by lifting up your abdomen.  


Q1.  Does a maternity belt harm the baby? Ans. No, it does not harm the baby, it is designed for support and is safe to wear. Q2. For how many hours should we need to wear a maternity belt? Ans. wear it for 2-3 hours every day and don’t wear it for too long  
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