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Flamingo Hard Collar (Height Adjustable)

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Flamingo Hard collar is made with a malleable soft plastic and is used for making our neck muscles feel relaxed. It is also used for strain and common neck pain. It limits neck movement and helps to prevent harmful neck motion. The hard collar is easily adjustable, flexible and makes the neck rotation easy.

Flamingo Hard Collar Features 

Model Name Soft Collar
Part Number 2037
Size in Number 25 - 30 cm
Sales Package Soft Collar
Series Physio Aids

Benefits Of Uses Neck Belt 

  • It is easily adjustable.
  • Minimize the chances of injury after neck surgery by controlling neck rotations.
  • Made up of good quality plastic.
  • light in weight.
  • One can easily carry it while traveling and it can easily fit in your luggage.
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Purpose and uses Neck Collar

Flamingo Hard collar is a common therapy option given after neck injury and used to support head and spinal cord. It decreases the chances of injury after neck surgery by minimizing the rotation of the neck and also reduces the pressure of the nerves in the neck.  


Q1. Who needs a Hard collar? Ans . one who is suffering from neck pain or who has had neck or head surgery. Q2. Is it possible to sleep by wearing a hard collar? Ans. Yes, it is possible to sleep in a hard collar. All you need to do is follow some tips which are keeping your neck in a neutral position and less rotations.  
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