Flamingo Cervical Pillow
Flamingo Cervical Pillow

Flamingo Cervical Pillow

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The best Flamingo cervical pillow is designed for neck support while sleeping. It is made up from high quality polyurethane foam of optimum density which provides comfortable support to the neck and head. It relieves and supports the tense muscles in neck and shoulder which increase blood flow and it helps in improving your sleep. Made up of high quality polyurethane foam and soft velvet fabric cover which adds more comfortable sleep.

Flamingo Cervical Pillow Features

Brand Flamingo
Manufacturer  India
Name Cervical Pillow
 dimensions 47.6 x 29.4 x 10.4 cm
Type Support
Weight 460 Grams
Size 20-22 Inch

Benefits Of Uses Flamingo Cervical Pillow

  • Support neck and head.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Made from high-quality polyurethane foam
  • Soft velvet fabric cover for adding more comfort to the neck.

Purpose and uses Pillow

 The purpose of a flamingo cervical pillow is to provide support and comfort to the neck and head. Its soft velvet fabric cover adds extra comfort to the neck. Useful for those who suffer from cervical pain. It helps in improving the posture while you sleep.  


Q1. Does it work for cervical pain? Ans. Yes, it works for cervical pain as it improves your posture while sleeping . Q2. Does it provide relaxation to the head and neck? Ans. Yes, it provides comfort and relaxation to the neck,head and shoulder.  

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