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Electric Rechargeable Heating Gel Bottle Pouch Massager For Body Pain Relief

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Electric Rechargeable Heating Gel Bottle Pouch Massager It is used to provide instant relief from pain to our body. This hot pad is like a water bottle, it's an 10-12 minute charge and gives relief to our body. It is used to get rid of the pain of chronic pain, sports injury, pain in muscles, sprains, cramps, etc. And its biggest feature is that it runs on electricity, for this, we do not need to have heater or hot water.

Electric heating pouch body massager Features 

Brand Name Dr Diaz
Ideal for Man, Woman
Sale package 1 Gel pad
Product Dimensions 26 x 18 x 4 cm
Weight 480g
Manufacturer Dr Diaz
Country OF origin India
Washable, Multicolour Yes
Used for Backaches, Sprains, Muscular and Joint Pains, Womens Related Pains
Temperature Range 70-140
on/off switch No
Fast warm Up Yes

Electric body massager Benefits of Uses

  • It uses less power.
  • You can keep it in the quilt to heat the quilt.
  • It can be used comfortably.
  • Can be used at low temperature for massaging the body parts.
  • It gives a hot pad for around 60 minutes on a 5-8 minute charge.
  • Useful for the treatment of soreness, back pain, muscle pain, cramps, hypothermia, sprains, growing pains.
  • It can be washed if it gets smelly.
  • it turns on and off automatically


Q.1 Is this Electric Rechargeable Heating Gel Safe for us to Use? Ans. This pad is completely safe for you, we can also use it to heat children’s beds in winter. Q.2 How to Use an Electric Warm Bag for Room heat? Ans: First of all put the socket in the power board. After charging, a red light will appear. It will start heating immediately. Keep it on a flat place while charging. It will automatically turn off after 4-7 minutes. You can also turn off the charge to keep the heat down  

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