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Dr. Morepen Hand Rub Lemon Extract Hand Wash, Hand Rub Bottle (3 x 500 ml)

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The Dr. Morepen Hand Rub Lemon Bottle comes in handy when there is no water and you urgently need to wash your hands. It cleanses your hands and helps kill all the illness-causing germs so you stay healthy and safe. If health and hygiene are your priority you need to keep Dr. Morepen Hand Rub with you and it can be used anywhere at any time, without the help of soap. It is gentle on the skin and contains around 70% alcohol content. The lemon extracts in the hand rub provide a good fragrance and also keep you in good mood.

Dr. Morepen Hand Rub Lemon Features

Brand Name Dr. Morepen
Model Hand Rub Lemon Extract Hand Wash Rub
Scent Lemon
Form Liquid
Liquid Volume 1500 ML
Type Hand Rub
Composition Lemon Extracts
Manufacturer Dr. Morepen Limited
  Benefits Of Using Dr. Morepen Hand Rub Lemon:
  • A Great alternative to Soap
  • Contains lemon extracts
  • Goes gentle On Skin
  • 70% Alcohol content
  • Kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs and viruses
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Natural and Healthy
  • Keeps you hygienic
  FAQs Which type of alcohol content is used in the Hand Rub? Ethanol is used in the Hand Rub. what is the Purpose of using Dr. Morepen Hand Rub Lemon? The hand rub protects you from all the germs and viruses without the use of water or soap. It can be applied anywhere, anytime at your convenience, thus helping you stay healthy and hygienic.  

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