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BMC CPAP Machine With iVolve N2 Nasal Mask

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This BMC CPAP Machine iVolve N2 Nasal Mask is an effective CPAP under nose mask with headgear for obstructive sleep apnea therapy. The soft cushioning by the silicon pads of the mask provides a unique comfort to the wearer. Additionally, it has a machine with LCD screen and 3-button control to adjust the pressure.  

BMC CPAP Machine With iVolve N2 Nasal Mask Features 

Brand BMC
Manufacturer BMC
Model N2
Type Nasal Mask&Auto CPAP machine
Material Polycarbonate (Mask)
Display 3.4 Inch LCD
Weight < 1.6 kg / < 2.4 kg (with InH2 heated humidifier)
Dimensions 220 194 112 mm / 313 194 112 mm
(with InH2 heated humidifier)
Mode of Operation Continuous
Silicon cushion Yes
Pressure Range 4 to 20 hPa (IN 0.5 hPa increments)
Pressure display accuracy >0.5 hPa
Maximum Flow > 35 LPM
Sound Pressure Level <30 DB
Usage Hospital, Clinic
Application Surgical, Dental
Weight <1.5kg
Power 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Type of Protection Against Electric Shock Class II Equipment
Data Storage SD Card &iCode

Benefits  Of Use BMC Cpap Machine With N2 Nasal Mask

  • People with sleep apnea can wear them at night. The Quiet Venting feature allows undisturbed sleep.
  • Simple design divided into three parts is easy to collect. Auto CPAP Machine or Continuous positive airway pressure, mask, and hose deliver a controlled pressure.
  • Easy to use anti-snoring device
  • Enhance the comfort by reducing the work of breath
  • Elastic forehead with soft silicon cushioning adapts to fit the face line.
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Q: How is it used BMC Machine with iVolve N2 Nasal Mask? Ans: Connect the mask and air outlet of the device on either side of the tube. Now, connect the power cord with the adaptor to the DC inlet of the device. Plug in the cable. Wear the mask. Q: Is it battery operated? Ans: No, it requires electricity to operate.  
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