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ConvaTec AQUACEL™ Ag+ Extra Dressings 413568 15 X 15 CM (2 Pcs)

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AQUACEL™ Ag+ dressings are antimicrobial primary dressings for use in wounds that are infected or at risk of infection. They are  designed to manage the 3 key local barriers to healing - exudate, infection and biofilm. AQUACEL™ Ag+ dressings incorporate proven Hydrofiber™ Technology and Ag+ Technology - a unique ionic silver-containing, antibiofilm formulation.1 AQUACEL™ Ag+ dressings are available as AQUACEL™ Ag+ Extra and AQUACEL™ Ag+ Ribbon dressings. Shape: Square Size: 15x15cm (5.9" x 5.9")
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