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Contour TS Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Contour TS Blood Glucose- 50 Test Strips is a must to have for diabetes patients. Diabetes patients have to monitor blood sugar levels, and quality testing strips help in the most accurate check. These testing strips are easy to use and come with Bayer’s trust. People with diabetes can use it with Bayer Contour TS Glucometer at home, or healthcare professionals can use it in clinical settings. This pack is manufactured and sold by Ascensia and is a great product to buy if you are suffering from diabetes. As people with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels under check at all times, these strips will be a great help to let you keep the levels of blood sugar under control.

Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips Features 

  • Product name- Contour TS Blood Glucose- 50 Test Strips
  • Package detail- 50 test strips
  • Expiry- 10 months from the manufacturing date
  • Manufacturing By - PANASONIC

Blood glucose Test Benefits Of Use

  • It aids in keeping a check on blood glucose level with ease.
  • It works on No coding technology, the meter automatically codes to the strips.
  • Buy More Best Blood Glucose TS 50 Online Price
  How To Use Bayer Contour TS Blood Gluco- 50 Test Strips Full Guide  


Q: Can I test my blood sugar at home with these strips? Ans: Yes, you can check blood sugar with Bayer Contour TS Glucometer at home. Prick the fingertip and take 0.6 microliter blood on the strip and insert it in the glucometer to get the reading.  
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