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Coloplast 50mm SenSura Standard wear 11021

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Coloplast 50mm SenSura 11021 baseplate Online Low Price/ It is available with a convex standard Skin Barrier, Belt Tabs, and shallow convexity for flush or slightly retracted stomas providing flexibility, security, and low pressure to the abdomen. Oval shape design is to help a stoma that is difficult to manage. The attachment of the pouch is secure by a mechanical coupling system. The Sensura has a protective and a skincare layer to the adhesive that protects the peristomal skin throughout the entire wear time. Suitable for retracted stomas and skin folds

Coloplast 50mm 11021 Features 

Brand Coloplast
Model 11021
Type Baseplate
Pack details  3 pc
Manufacturer By Coloplast India
Belt ears
Cutting guide behind the baseplate
Two-piece Cut-to-fit Convex

Coloplast 50mm SenSura 11021 Benefits Of use

  • The SenSura adhesive has two layers that give security and skincare
  • Protection layer – it protects the skin from the stoma output
  • The Skincare layer – absorbs excess moisture keeping the skin healthy
  • Offering a unique audible click-lock security ring.
  • Belt loops.
  • Convex Light.
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex.
  • Buy More Best Coloplast 50mm SenSura 11021 Standard wear Best Price online and uses


Q: Does it fit complex stomas? Ans: Yes it fits complex stomas such as Retracted stoma, stoma situated in skin folds, and loose skin Q: Can it be used for any stoma size? Ans: Yes it is trim to fit, you can measure and trim according to the stoma size.  
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