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Coloplast Brava Alcohol Free Paste 12050 - 60g

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The Coloplast Brava Alcohol-free paste 12050 60g fills difficult folds and creases and reduces leakages by maintaining a secure fit between the stoma and the baseplate. The paste is free of any stinging sensation during application and is therefore skin-friendly. The content inside the paste makes it durable and resistant to breaking down or dissolving. The moisture-absorbing feature helps the area surrounding the ostomy to remain dry. After application, the paste remains flexible and soft. It acts as a protective layer and is effective in levelling out scars, folds, and wrinkles around the stoma.

Coloplast Paste 12050 Features

Brand Name Coloplast
Model 12050 
Country of Origin ‏  Denmark
Manufacturer ‏  Coloplast
Net Quantity  ‏60 Grams

Benefits of using Coloplast Paste 12050

  • Help fill deeper cavities and folds
  • Prevents damage and risk of leakage
  • Coloplast paste Alcohol-free
  • Sting-free protection against leakage.
  • Simple and effective
  • Skin-friendly pH-level
  • Market leader in durability and resistance


Q:1 Is the paste made of good quality? Yes, the paste is made of supreme quality and is made in Denmark. Q:2 How to use the paste? The paste can be moulded directly around the stoma. You can apply the paste to the back of the wafer closest to the opening of the hole. It is recommended that you don’t spread the paste. Q:3 what is the Purpose of using Coloplast Paste?  The alcohol paste offers sting-free protection against leakage by maintaining a secure fit between the stoma and the baseplate.  

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Customer Reviews

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Deepak R

Coloplast Brava Alcohol Free Paste 12050 - 60g


coloplast paste is really nice

Subrata Sarkar