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Coloplast 50mm Alterna Long wear light Base plate 1972

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Coloplast 1972 50mm Alterna Long-wear light Baseplate is a combination of materials designed for added security and protection to people with a more aggressive output. It absorbs extra moisture from the skin, protecting it from irritation. Unlike the standard adhesive which breaks down with aggressive flow, the spiral adhesive provides a secure adherence to your skin.

Coloplast Long-wear 1972 Features 

Pack details 3 / 5 / 10 Pieces
Brand Coloplast
Model 1972
Type Baseplate
Size 50 mm
Manufacturer By Coloplast India
Skin-friendly Yes
With Belt ears

Coloplast Alterna 1972 50mm Benefits Of Use

  • Secure adherence to your skin
  • It absorbs moisture from your skin – leaving skin dry and safe from irritation 
  • The easy rotation ability enables the pouch to be rotated into the desired position, without detaching it from the baseplate.
  • It is very convenient as the pouch can be changed easily.
  • It has a spiral adhesive system, providing extra security.
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Q: Can it handle aggressive output? Ans: Yes, the Alterna adhesive offers extra protection against aggressive output. Q: Will it fit any pouch? Ans: Coloplast 50mm pouch fits Coloplast 50mm baseplate.  
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