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Coloplast 114430 Sensura Mio Click Two-Piece Ostomy Bag 50mm

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Brand Name Coloplast
Name Colostomy Ostomy Bag 114430 Maxi Tran Open with Hide-away Outlet Transparent
Model/Product Code 114430
Size 50mm Maxi 
It is Disposable 
Adhesive Spiral-structure
Manufacturer Coloplast

Benefits of Using Coloplast 114430 Ostomy Bag:

  • Suitable for people post a colostomy surgery.
  • Highly effective filter
  • Rotatable 360 degree.
  • Comes with a soft cloth on the back and a spiral-structure adhesive.
  • Convenient for usage around an area of 50 mm.
  • Neutral grey fabric for optimal discretion and an honest appearance
  • New click coupling provides a feeling of security and safety
  • Extra security and assurance


Q:1 What does a stoma bag do? Ans: Collects the waste from the body through the stoma created by the colostomy surgery. Q:2 How to use a stoma bag? Ans: Clean and dry the skin around the stoma. Remove the protective layer and apply pressure to the sides of the stoma bag to stick it onto the skin. Use an adhesive remover or slowly ease the stoma bag from the skin to remove it. Dispose the waste. Replace with a new one. Q:3 What is the Purpose of using Coloplast bag 114430 (50 mm)? Ans: It helps with securing the area around the stoma and collecting the waste from the body through the stoma created after the colostomy surgery.  

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