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Coloplast 10035 SenSura 60mm Extended Wear Base plate

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Coloplast 10035 SenSura 60mm Extended Wear Baseplate Size 60 mm online price | This base plate allows you to secure the skin around the stoma to the bag/pouch that is required to be used on a temporary or permanent basis. It has a unique double-layer adhesive feature that protects the skin around the stoma and also is cared for at all times. It is easy to stick on and remove as well. It comes with a material that is skin-friendly and can be used for extended wear. It allows the stoma to protrude, thereby, reducing the risk of leakage by applying light and directed pressure on the peristomal skin.

Coloplast Base Plate 10035 SenSura Features

Brand Name Coloplast
Name SenSura 60mm Extended Wear Base plate
Model/Product Code 10035
Size 60 mm
Type Extended Wear Base
Adhesive Double Layer
Weight 220 g
Manufacturer Coloplast

Benefits of Using Coloplast Base Plate 10035 SenSura:

  • Strong adhesive ensures a secure fit.
  • Skin-friendly material.
  • It is flexible and is suitable for sizes upto 60 mm.
  • Belt loops are provided.


Q:1 What does this Coloplast 60mm base plate do? Ans: Creates a snug fit to cover the stoma of size upto 60mm and gives a great grip, holding the skin together. Q:2 How to use the Coloplast Base Plate 10035 Size 60 mm? Ans: Simply clean the area around the stoma with warm water and gentle soap. Remove the protective film of the adhesive. Place it around the area of the stoma and apply pressure to stick it over to the skin. Q:3 What is the Purpose of Using Coloplast Plate 10035? Ans: Helps you to securely adhere the base plate to the skin using the double-adhesive layer.  

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