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Beurer HA20 Hearing Amplifier

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Best Brand Beurer HA20 Hearing Amplifier. This is a device for a person who has hearing loss. It is used to hear voices or understand speech well. It's distinctly loud and straight-in-ear The Beurer HA20 converts low-pitched sounds into loud, perfect-fitting in-ear devices. The device controls the background sound, and you can adjust the sound yourself. This hearing aid helps you to watch TV, talk with friends or feel the sound of the environment etc.

Beurer HA20 Hearing Amplifier Features

Brand Name Beurer
Name Hearing Amplifier
Model HA20
Warranty 3 year warranty
Type Behind Ear
Color Nude
Dimensions ‎12.4 x 7.4 x 3.8 cm
Weight 130 Grams
Maximum Power Output 128 dB SPL
Frequency Range 200 - 5000 Hz
Equivalent Input Noise 30db
Power Source Battery
Battery Type 1.4 V PR48
Number Of Battery 2
Control Panel Yes

 Hearing Amplifier Benefits Of Uses

  • It gives clear hearing and removes the stress of hearing.
  • It gives you comfort and helps you to hear all the sounds outside.
  • One can watch television, listen to the phone, hear the sounds of the environment, etc.
  • With this you can talk comfortably with the person in front.
  • Frequency range: 200 to 5000 Hz
  • Amplification: max. 40 dB
  • It fits comfortably in the ear
  • Maximum volume of 128 dB
  • Easy to Use
  • Medical device
  • On/Off Switch Mode Available
  FAQs Q.1 Can people of all ages use it? Ans: Yes, you can use the hearing amplifier according to you. Q.2  Can I take this hearing aid anywhere? Ans: Yes, you can take it anywhere on the go.  

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