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B-Fit Economy Adult Diaper Pants

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High absorbent B-Fit Adult Diaper Pants Sizes like Medium, small, extra-large. it is a comfortable tape-style diaper for adult incontinence. The product is carefully designed while keeping adults' requirements in mind. The soft padding of the diapers provides ease as cotton cloth. The absorbent gel locks the wet and keeps them fresh for hours.  

B-Fit Adult Diaper Pants Features

Brand B-Fit
Manufacturer Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd.
Model Economy Adult Diapers
Type Diapers
Style Tape style
Number of units 10 / 20 Pcs
Size Medium /  Large / Extra Large
Waist size 60-120 cm/23.62-47.24 inch
Washable No
Ideal for Adults
Effective Duration 8 hours
Wetness Indicator Yes

Benefits Of Use B-Fit Adult Diaper Pants

  • It is perfect for adult incontinence. These save one from an embarrassing situation and make them more confident.
  • The gel padding locks urine or faeces and holds it effectively until eight hours.
  • The diaper also prevents any odour from coming out.
  • These disposable diapers are discreet and hygienic.
  • The adjustable tape fastening gives it a good fit.
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Q: How to wear adult diapers? Ans: It is a classic tape-style diaper. Make a soft fold along the width of the diaper. Push the diaper between legs, centring the crotch area and side tapes towards the back. Spread it to adjust as per the comfort. Further, tape it on sides to fit around the hip and waist. Q: Is it easy to use? Ans: Yes, it is easy and comfortable to use.  

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