Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor B10 BPL
Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor B10 BPL

Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor B10 BPL

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B10 BPL digital blood pressure monitor is an automated device and easy to use. Its 3.8'' LCD screen lets you read the ratings conveniently. This diligent digital blood pressure monitor offers precise and accurate BP and pulse ratings. The cuffs are made of latex-free material to reduce the chances of skin irritation.   

Blood Pressure Monitor B10 Features

Manufacturer By BPL Medical Technologies
Brand BPL
Model B 10
Type Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Display 3.8″ LCD
Memory records Up to 99
Accuracy Pressure: -/+ 3 mm Hg; Pulse: -/+ 3%
Cuff size 22*45 cm
Ideal for all ages
Power 4 AA Battery
Displays error message to alert the user on incorrect usage

B.P. Monitor B10 Benefits:

  • The 3.8-inch LCD offers a precise and accurate BP reading
  • The storage capacity of up to 99 reading lets you track the health condition
  • In-built pulse rate indicator helps read heart ratings easily
  • Highly accurate with a minimum deviation of +/-3mmHg
  • 3.8”-inch LCD display with orange backlight
  • Larger Cuff size 22*45 cm, recommended for adults
  • Alert on incorrect Usage and operation
  • Best High and Low-Quality Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor/Machine online Price 


Q: Can this item monitor heart rate? Ans: Yes, this automatic BP monitor can read your heart ratings too and save them in its memory. Q: Is it okay to use for children? Ans: No, the cuff size is 22 cm X 45 cm, which is suitable for adults only. This automatic BP monitor is specially designed for adult usage.  
Note: We are an Authorised Channel Partner of  BPL Medical Technologies Company.  

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