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Automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor B9 BPL

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AN automatic BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor is an efficient device to measure the blood pressure of a patient. It is a compact device that uses the Automatic Pressurization technique for providing accuracy to the readings. The device works on the oscillometric principle. Internal memory function records readings, and measurements also guide users with a digital error message and a Latex-free Cuff which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.  

Automatic Blood Pressure(BP) Monitor Features :

  • Product Name- Automatic BP Monitor B9 BPL
  • Display- 3” LCD
  • Accuracy- +/- 3 mm Hg
  • Number of memory recordings- 74
  • Operational power- Battery/ medical adaptor
  • Manufacturer By - BPL Medical Technologies

BP Monitor BPL Benefits Of Use:

  • Anyone can use it easily as it displays an error message on the wrong placement of the cuff and gives an alert for high or low BP.
  • Non-allergic latex-free cuff
  • The large cuff of 22x45 cm
  • It interprets reading as an average of the last three readings.
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  FAQ: Q: Why is monitoring BP important? Ans: BP is a common problem that risks a heart attack. The sooner you get a hold of it, the better it would be. A handy BP monitor will sort that for you. Q: Is the automatic blood pressure monitor accurate? Ans: The accuracy level of monitors depends on the threshold for accuracy used. This digital monitor is accurate to +/- 3 mm Hg.  
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