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Ankle Splint, Black, 1 Unit

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The Ankle Splint is designed to immobilize, support, and stabilize the ankle joint. In injury, or offer protection to people prone to ankle injuries. A rigid exoskeleton shell design gives better protection and control of the inversion or aversion of the ankle. Attributes UNIQUE FIGURE OF EIGHT GRIPPING The unique figure of eight strapping has an effective gripping around the ankle and can effectively control the inversion & eversion movement of the ankle. LARGE ENOUGH ROOM FOR ANKLE Unconventional, swollen, or distorted ankles can be accommodated in a large enough room for the ankle so that there are no compression hot spots. It enhances comfort for an injured ankle, reduces the chances of sports-related injuries in recurrent ankle problems, and quicker healing after injuries. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The product is light in weight and enhance compliance. Due to the bilateral symmetry of the ankle splint, it can be used on either ankle. The neoprene sleeves provide good cushioning and reduce pressure of gripping straps. MOLDED ETHAFOAM PAD This provides optimal compression and pressure. Also ensures good cushioning, enhanced comfort and is skin friendly. MOLDED SPLINT WITH PERFECT ANATOMY Molded splint with perfect anatomy provides effective immobilization and has pleasing aesthetics. The sleek design allows it to be used inside the shoe. Tags: Ankle Splint, Sprained Ankle Splint, Ankle Foot Splint, Ankle Immobilizer Splint, Ankle Splint For Sprain, Tynor Ankle Splint.
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