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The Ankle Binder is an effective device to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle following injury or sprain to control pain, oedema or inflammation. Attributes ELASTICIZED FIGURE OF 8 The elasticized wrap in the figure of eight prevents inversion or aversion injuries by improving the ankle stability. It also allows controlled compression and provides relief from pain. FOUR WAY STRETCHABLE FABRIC The four-way stretchable fabric provides effective compression even on uneven diameters along with enhanced support. THREE DIMENSIONAL KNITTING The compression sleeve is knitted in 3 dimensions so that it conforms to the complex anatomy of the ankle with exactness. BI-LAYERED COTTON ON THE INSIDE The bi-layered cotton on the inside helps in better sweat absorption and patient compliance. It keeps away the ankle from allergies and rashes. BI-LAYERED NYLON ON THE OUTSIDE
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