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10502 Coloplast Sensura Mio Click Ostomy Baseplate 40mm

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Coloplast Alterna 10502 (40MM) Long-wear light Base Plates are an assortment of materials designed for the security and protection of people with Colostomy. It has Soft Absorbent Backing that enhances comfort. Alterna’s spiral adhesive around the stoma provides secure adherence to your skin. Features like Anti-Reflux Valve and secure outlet closure with simple Locking Connector give extra protection by attaching Night Drainage Bag.  

Coloplast light Base Plate 10502 Features 

Brand Coloplast
Model 10502
Type Baseplate
Size 40 mm
Manufacturer By Coloplast India
Skin-friendly Yes
Pre-cut or customizable hole sizes

Coloplast 40mm Alterna 10502

  • The Coloplast Alterna Long Wear Light Base Plates gives you a secure fit around the stoma
  • The base plate is available with belt ears and is skin friendly
  • The size of the plate is 40 mm

Alterna Long wear light Base Plate Benefits Of Use

  • It is suitable for people with more aggressive output such as an ileostomy or urostomy.
  • It is suitable for the heavy output which breaks down standard adhesives too quickly.
  • The simple Locking Connector attaches Night Drainage Bag for added protection.
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Q: Is it a good fit for the stoma? Ans: Yes, it gives a secure adherence to the skin. Alterna adhesive is the best and used for aggressive output. Q: How can I ensure that the pouch fitted to the base plate? Ans: The secure locking of the pouch to the baseplate is confirmed with an audible “click”.  
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