Flamingo Memory foam Back Rest (Without Stand) Back Support OC-2184

Flamingo Memory foam Back Rest (Without Stand) Back Support OC-2184

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The Flamingo Memory Foam Backrest Support is the perfect partner to solving your back ache and neck ache problems by giving you high-level comfort and cushiony support. Its ergonomic design facilitates high density and is light in weight. The foam is temperature and pressure sensitive and hence, moulds itself as per the shape of the user’s body. It gives ample support to your back by dispersing the pressure, providing you maximum comfort. It has straps that make it fit to be used on all kinds of chairs.

Flamingo Memory Foam Backrest Features

Brand Name Flamingo
Name Memory foam Back Rest (Without Stand) Back Support
Part Number OC-2184
Size 12-15 cm
Type Back Support
Colour Cream
Manufacturer Ascent Meditech Limited

Benefits of Using Flamingo Memory Foam Backrest:

  • Fits all chairs universally using the strap provided.
  • Easy to adjust straps.
  • Can be carried anywhere for office, home or travelling purposes.
  • Relieves back and neck pain by supporting your spine and improves posture.
  • It remembers the shape it was made in, moulds itself to take in the shape of our body, and returns to its original self when not in use.


Q:1 What does memory foam do? Ans: Perfectly moulds itself as per our body shape giving us proper support. Q:2 How to use Flamingo Memory Foam Backrest? Ans: Pull the strap in the back and fasten it onto the chair of your choice. Enjoy the calm and comfort of the memory foam. Q:3: What is the purpose of using flamingo foam Back Rest support? Ans: Helps you in easing the back and neck pain with this memory foam.  

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