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Stim Interdental Refill ISO-2 Extra Fine (Red) (Pack Of 6)

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Stim Interdental Refills red Brush is an excellent oral clearing aid for the everyday cleaning of broad interdental spaces. These are super fine and are made from Tynex bristles. They are winded with poly-coated wires that prevent unwanted shock and prevent damage to teeth and gums.  

Stim Interdental Refills Features 

Brand STIM
Manufacturer Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd.
Model ISO- 2 Extra Fine
Type Oral Hygiene
Number of units 6
Size ISO- 2 Extra FIne
Ideal for Adults
Weight 100-150 gm

Stim Interdental Refills red Benefits Of Uses



Q: How to use Teeth cleaning refills? Ans: Fix the refill to the interdental brush and then clean the interdental spaces. Q: Is any other size available? Ans: Yes, different variants are available with different colour coding.  
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