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Stim Flosser Pack of 3

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Best STIM flosser is a user-friendly, non-shedding fixed floss used to clean the plaque from the interdental areas and gum line. It cleans the plaque which is difficult to clean with brushing. The STIM flosser is easy to use. It is flat, single-use floss with a toothpick attached at the end.  

Stim Dental Features

Brand STIM
Manufacturer Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd.
Type Dental Floss-Toothpick
Number of pieces per box 50
Material Plastic
Length 11.2 cm
Ideal for Adults
Re-usable No
Pack details 3

How to Use: Stim Flosser

Hold the Flosser firmly, and gently guide it between two teeth. Be sure to avoid snapping or popping the floss. Clean interdental areas using a gentle to and fro motion. Buy Best Stim Dental care Products Online price  

Stim Flosser Benefits Of Uses

  • Easy to use flat flosser for everyday use
  • It has a toothpick attached at the end for better cleaning of the interdental spaces.
  • As it is fixed, it is easy to use and has more grasp compared to the normal floss.


Q: How to use the floss? Ans: Hold it firmly and glide it between the teeth without snapping it. Move in to and fro motion to clean the area. Q: Will it injure the gums? Ans: If used in controlled pressure and proper technique, no floss will traumatise the gums.  
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