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ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Adhesive Foam 420648 (2 Pcs)

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ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Adhesive Foam 420648 has a bacterial killing power and provides you with great comfort. Due to its AQUACEL® Ag interface layer, the foam has health benefits as well. Its silicone border gives you a secure and skin-friendly adhesive that enables you to easily apply and remove it at your convenience. The product’s bacteria barrier helps in the evaporation of excess moisture, a barrier against viral or bacterial penetration. It locks in wound exudate, including harmful components, prevents lateral spread of fluid and thereby reducing the risk of maceration. The adhesive foam is waterproof and has a bacteria barrier which creates a barrier against viral or bacterial penetration while also ensuring evaporation of excess moisture.

ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Adhesive Foam Features

Brand Name ConvaTec
Model Name 420648
Dimensions 8 In x  7 In;  20cm  x  16.9cm
Manufacturer ConvaTec Group

Benefits of using ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Adhesive Foam: -

  • Skin-Friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Vertical wicking 
  • Prevents bacteria inhibition
  • Silicone border
  • Easy application and removal
  • Locks in the wound while eliminating harmful components
  Purpose of using Aquacel Ag Adhesive Foam: The adhesive foam effectively absorbs wound fluid, creates a soft gel, and maintains a moist surface. It is best used for minimizing pain while dressing changes.

 What are the uses of aquacel adhesive foam?

The adhesive foam can be used in the following cases: -
  • Surgical wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Minor cuts
  • Pressure ulcers from stage 2-4, diabetic ulcers and leg ulcers.
  • Partial-thickness (second-degree) burns
  • Different types of wounds

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