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Hollister Conform 2 55mm 35600

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Hollister Conform 2 35600 Size 55mm is a FlexWear barrier that facilitates a strong adhesion to the skin. The adhesive border helps to hold the skin in place firmly. The conform 2 has a unique skin barrier with the integrated floating flange, which allows you to place fingers under the flange to reduce the pressure on the abdomen while attaching the pouch/bag. This pouch/bag has a capacity of 1 litre.

Hollister Conform 55mm 35600 Features

Brand Name Hollister
Name Conform 2 
Model/Product Code 35600
Size 55 mm
Cut to Fit Yes
Type Flexwear Skin barrier
Flange Type Floating
Adhesive Strong 
Technology Integrated coupling system With tape border
Pouch Volume 1 Litre
Manufacturer Hollister Medical India
  Benefits of Using Hollister Conform 55Mm:
  • Non-woven, plastic material.
  • Ideal for extended usage.
  • The cut-to-Fit feature allows you to cut the base by 13-38mm according to your custom requirement.
  • Reduces pressure on the abdomen while attaching the bag.
  • Comes with 1-litre capacity.
  • Ease of sticking and removing.
  Q:1 What does Hollister conform 2 do? Ans: It helps with reducing the pain in the abdomen when attaching a new bag/pouch by placing fingers under the flange. Q:2 How to use Hollister 55mm conform 2 35600? Ans: Clean and dry the area. Remove the protective film. Place fingers underneath the flange. Apply pressure onto the flange and stick it. Q:3 What is the Purpose of using Hollister conform Size 55 mm? Ans: It facilitates a firm hold between the skin and the base and allows placing fingers under the flange, thereby, reducing pressure on the stomach when attaching the bag/pouch.  

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