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Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene), Black, 1 Unit

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The Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene) is a multifunctional knee support that provides regulated compression around the knee as well as the rigid side support of a splint. Furthermore, it permits normal flexion and free mobility of the knee joint. The body comprises three layers of Neoprene foam bonded fabrics that stretch in all directions. The exterior layers are solid nylon fabric, ensuring durability, visual appeal, and color fastness. It is ergonomically designed to provide a good grip around the knee and prevent bunching when bending the knee. It can support weak knees, as postoperative/cast care, and treat osteoarthritis and other knee disorders. Attributes Neoprene layer bonded with nylon fabric The neoprene layer on both sides grants four-way stretchability and compression, Ensures longer life, offers Appealing aesthetics with the color fastness, and provides better body heat retention, which aids in faster healing. Open design and hook-loop closing system Ensures easy application and removal, Customized compression, and grip. Better sizing flexibility and overall better fitting. Anterior patellar opening Relieves patellar pressure, Holds the patella in position, and Massages the knee, increasing blood flow and causing quicker healing. Bi-axial hinge with Rigid side splinting Bi-axial hinge construction mimics the natural knee joint to support the cruciate ligament at all flexion angles, while the rigid side splinting ensures full weight bearing. Tags: Knee Wrap Hinged, Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace, Hinged Knee Brace Wrap Around.
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