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Hearing Aid Battery size P-10 (6 Pcs X 5)

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Best Brand Generic Resound Hearing Aid Battery size 10 online Low Price | Battery number 10 is the smallest size in a hearing aid. And it seems in the smallest machine, like RIE(Receiver In the Ear)/CIC(Completely in the Canal) if you use a hearing aid for 8 hours daily then this battery will last for 3-5 days. Approximate last around 32 hours. It depends on the hearing aid how much battery this machine consumes. And how many hours in a day do you use a hearing aid? Gn Resound is an international brand and is 150 years old company and is known for providing reliable and long battery life.

Hearing Aid Battery size P-10 Features 

Brand Siemens Signia
Size Medium
Sales Package 30 hearing aid batteries
Weight 10g
Battery Cell Composition Zinc
Reusability Single-Use up to 10 days after removing the cover from batteries
Package Dimensions 10 x 9.4 x 0.8 cm
Colour Yellow
Country of Origin Germany

Benefits of Uses Hearing Aids Battery 

  • This is the small battery for hearing aid
  • Good quality battery
  • Add battery supplies the current in the circuit as per your requirement
  • It aid fits well and can be used comfortably
  • Easy to use 
  • It is safe For using 
  • performance and long battery life.
  • 1 box in 6 batteries
  • Long-running time


Q.1: Is this an original product of Siemens Signia? Ans. Yes, It Is a 100% original Product. Q.2: How many days can this battery last continuously? Ans: This battery will last for 5-7 days of continuous use because it is a Small battery.  

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