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Hearing Aid Battery size P-10 (6 Pcs X 10)

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Battery number 10 is the smallest size in a hearing aid. And it seems in the smallest machine, like RIE(Receiver In the Ear)/CIC(Completely in the Canal) if you use hearing aid for 8 hours daily then this battery will last for 3-5 days. Approximate lasts around 32 hours. It depends on the hearing aid how much battery this machine consumes. And how many hours in a day do you use hearing aid? Gn Resound is an international brand and is 150 years old company and is known for providing reliable and long battery life.  

Hearing Aid Battery Small size P-10 Features 

Brand Siemens Signia
Model Number 10
Size Medium
Sales Package 60 hearing aid batteries
Weight 10g
Battery Cell Composition Zinc
Reusability Single Use upto 10 days after removing cover from batteries
Package Dimensions 10 x 9.4 x 0.8 cm
Colour Yellow
Country of Origin Germany

Benefits of Uses Hearing Aid Battery Small size 

  • This is the small battery for hearing aid
  • Good quality battery
  • Add battery supplies the current in the circuit as per your requirement
  • It aid fits well and can be used comfortably
  • Easy to use 
  • It is safe For using 
  • performance and long battery life.
  • 1 box in 6 batteries
  • Long-running time


Q.1 Is this an original Hearing Aid Battery Small size of Siemens Signia? Ans. Yes, It Is a 100% original Product. Q.2 How many days can this battery last continuously? Ans: This battery will last for 5-7 days of continuous use because it is a small battery.  

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