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Phonak Vitus BTE-UP Hearing Aid

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This Phonak Vitus BTE-UP Hearing aid/audio service gives you high-performing sound quality based on the quest technology. These can be programmed with easy-to-use Phonak Target fitting software, facilitating premium sound quality and natural sound perception. Instead of dual microphones, a single fixed omnidirectional microphone is provided, that helps you in understanding speech even in noisy environments. This feature can be toggled ON or OFF as the environment changes between noisy and quiet.

Phonak Vitus BTE-UP Hearing aid Features

Brand Name Phonak
Name Vitus BTE-Up Hearing Aid
Model BTE-UP
Battery Type Zinc Air Battery size 675
Type Behind The Ear
Resistance IP57-level water and dust resistance
Contents  1 Hearing Aid, 1 BTE Tip, 1 Zinc-Air Battery (1.45V), 1 Dehumidifier, User Guide, Warranty Card, Universal Cleaning Set, Carry Case 
Fitting Range 20-120 db
Weight 200 g
Manufacturer Phonak

Benefits of Using Phonak Vitus BTE-Up Hearing aid:

  • The nano-coated mic protection and new metal connection feature facilitates excellent retention of the tone hook.
  • UltraZoom feature provides improved speech recognition in noisy backgrounds with the help of the adaptive multi-channel beamforming technology.
  • Effective Noise Block Processing feature blocks noise to a great extent.
  • Moisture and dust resistant.
  • High first-fit acceptance.
  • Worn behind the ear and comes in an attractive colour.


Q:1 What does Phonak hearing aid do? Ans: Aids in hearing and is a great companion for people with mild to profound hearing losses. Q:2 How to use the Phonak hearing aid? Ans: Secure it behind the ear. Turn it ON. Switch it OFF when not in use. Q:3 What is the Purpose of using hearing aid? Ans: Facilitates speech recognition even in noise backgrounds.   

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