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Medical Examination Disposable Hand Gloves

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Latex medical examination disposable powdered hand gloves are comfortable to wear. They are hygienic for patients as well as the medical practitioner as they are disposed of after use. The soft latex material enhances comfort while examining the patients. This product is available in different sizes like small, medium and large. The gloves are non-sterile and are available in a pack of approximately 90-100 Pieces.  

Best Hand Gloves Features

Pack details 90-100 Pieces
Type Hand gloves
Size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Material Natural rubber latex
Manufacturer By Kanam Latex Industries

latex medical examination disposable hand gloves Benefits Of use

  • Prevent cross-contamination between the healthcare workers/ caregivers and patients.
  • Soft latex material provides good finger dexterity and comfort leading to increased efficiency and reducing finger fatigue.
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  • Storage time and conditions may affect the color
  • The shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • Natural fit to every hand


Q: Can it be reused? Ans: No, these are disposable gloves and used for one time only. Q: Will it irritate? Ans: This is a high-quality product. In general, it does not cause skin irritation, but, please check for a latex allergy before using the gloves.  
Note: We are an Authorised Channel Partner of Kanam Latex Industries Company.  
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