Lower back supports to alleviate small to big enduring pains

Back pain is fast becoming a major problem across the world. More than 30 million Americans have experienced it at some moment. Even, it is one of the culprits of causing disability. Many back support aids help you effectively cut back pain when you have to sit long hours. These back supports do not hinder office work as well.

  1. Pillows- The contoured pillows support the neck and lower back pain.  Back support pillow care for your back during your sleep. These pillows are ergonomically designed to frame head and neck, lifting the position of the upper spine. They come in different sizes to ensure a good posture when you sleep, such that it should not knock down head, shoulder, and spine alignment.
  2. Belts and braces-Back support belt or braces with support lumbar along with shoulders. It can be difficult to find the suitable one out of the wide array of back braces. Sacro Lumbar Belts nurse with proprioceptive compression such as to stimulate metabolism.

Dorso Lumbar Spinal Brace reduces discomfort by correcting shoulder posture with the help of Clavicle straps. The Taylor Brace at the back is adjustable. It is useful in post-spinal cord surgery care, compression fracture, and spondylolisthesis.

Orthopedicelectric heating belts with different heat settings provide extra comfort with a convenient slider switch. The different heat settings take out pain from the back, wrist, elbow, calf, thigh, etc.

  1. Reclining wheelchair- With the facility to recline these wheelchairs provide premium back support. Thus, the ultra-lightweight Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair fits every requirement and is indeed a smart choice.
  2. Backrest- Karma Ryder Backrest for Bed Back Support is a revolutionary product that is easy to use, lightweight, and stylish choice. Similarly, to confirm with the sedentary lifestyle we have a Flamingo backrest chair pad that checks with improving posture.

Medineeds wellness supports give the option to buy the above choices at a special price lesser than the MRP. Our expert team ensures to help back pain sufferers with the best solution.