Knee and calf support: Pain management in sport injuries

Injuries can happen any time, from an accident, fall, or sport. To stabilize joints and provide an adequate
level of compression several immobilizers, sleeves or braces, splints, and straps are available.
Compression reduces soreness in knee replacement, arthritis, and sports-related injuries.

Strap knee support

Straps are clean, adjustable, and compact belts made from breathable material. The gel pads on support
straps apply compression on the injured tendons. There may be single or double strap knee support. The
adjustable belts customize the support to perfect the fit. It keeps you running without any difficulty.

Knee sleeves for support

A stretchable knitted fabric or elastoprene makes a comfortable fit of the sleeves. It supports weak
muscles of the thigh and calf part apart from the knee. The comfort panel behind the knee reduces
clustering. The sleeve fits closer to the skin so much that it is unnoticeable under clothing.

You can also find the open patella design for the comfort of the kneecap. When you need firm support
go for hinged braces or sleeve. The dual-pivoting hinges wrap around kneecap. Thus provides cushion
and protects the knee for a stable movement.

When should you use knee sleeves?

You may get a blow to the leg or a hamstring or quadricep pull, strain in thigh or calf or a pulled groin; a
leg brace warms the injured place. Also, it helps in Patellar tendon alignment. There are some conditions
where knee and calf support aid becomes mandatory.

Bakers Cyst knee
Inflamed bursitis
Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) affecting runners
Jumpers Knee or Patellar tendonitis
Patellar femoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or "runner's knee
Knee Facture
Joint Dislocation
Cartilage meniscus tear
Knee strains & sprain

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