Electric Surgical Heating Belt manage injuries independently

Electric Surgical Heating Belt manage injuries independently

How a piping hot coffee or a soup or a warm shower amazingly relaxes you. Heat works wonder in soothing vulnerable body parts too. So, doctors and therapists suggest Thermotherapy for relieving aching muscles and pains. Heating belts are harmless aid in pain management.

The Electric surgical Heating Belt advances the curative procedure of bruised tissue. After musculoskeletal injuries controllable gradual heat of Medineeds’ Orthopedic Heating Belt heals the wound.

How does heating belt work?

A high strength electrical current is passed to the cut tissue through the electrodes stick to the skin. The tissue resists the current and thus causes a thermal effect. The thermostat available on the belt controls the temperature. You can alter the temperature by a slide switch to reach the right temperature for the ailment. Keep the temperature to a comfortable level such that it feels warm on naked skin.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) helps in controlling bleeding and coagulates the blood. As the heating belts emit limited electromagnetic radiations which are safe for health. Lay the heating pad for 20 minutes on the affected area.

Benefits of Electric Heating Pad

  • Reduces edema (swelling) and joint pains
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Recover muscle atrophy
  • Reduces muscle fatigue


Now, you should not struggle more with muscle stress. Manage pain at home. A durable and high-quality heating belt or pad is a great addition for patients who suffer from chronic pain. The belt is available to fit anywhere due to small to extra-large dimensions. Different sizes can fix the pain of smaller areas like a knee to the larger area like waist. 

Bodily pains are not restricted to aging. In order to manage it effectively, Medineeds bring high-quality healthcare solutions. Furthermore, you can call or order them online at discount. So, head out to check your fit now!

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