Ease senior life with Commode chair: How to maximize the benefit

The commode chair is a blessing for seniors or persons with restricted movement. A portable western toilet seat near the bedside decreases their reliance on someone. You have to keep in mind the sole intent before selecting the best one out of the various options available near you.

Besides weight holding capacity and seat width do you need a commode with wheels? Medineeds commode wheelchair is just right for your requirements. Its 8” front and 24” rear wheels make it smooth to roll on the terrain. The chair has a plastic commode seat with a detachable pot. It has
cushioned top cover for comfortable seating. You can find them in fashionable, vibrant colors like orange and lime.

A folding plastic commode chair is an ideal arrangement in compact homes. With backrest and adjustable armrest cased in the steel frame, this plastic toilet chair in India is a reliable choice. In addition to this, it has a massive feature of bearing up to 100 kg weight. You must also check out
Medineed’s folding commode chair with wheels. Bariatric commode and shower commode chairs are the other wise choices.

How to make the use of a commode chair easier?

Bedside commodes can be difficult to clean and maintain; fortunately, to ease the task there are bedside commode liners. The liner uses a liquid-solidating absorbent pad to avoid splashing. The standard bedside commode fit liners inside the pail and therefore handy for quick collection and disposal.

If you are suffering from knee pain it is difficult to use Indian style toilets. Here another commode accessory comes to rescue. The elevated toilet seat is very helpful in this case too.

With the above portable toilets and many newer models being introduced every day the comfort is maximized. Check out the large range of affordable PVC commode chair by Medineeds here. Now you know the best commode chairs and accessories for you to ensure a comfortable environment.

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