All-Rounder Air Purifier 

All-Rounder Air Purifier 

“Make No Compromises in the air you breathe!” 

This will help you with breathing natural air in any place you are. This air purifier can be utilised at your office work area, desk areas, resorts, or at your home. It principally chips away at negative particle innovation and guarantees that air around you is purified. By killing free radicals and improving cell digestion, negative particles help you with breathing keen and live healthily. This purifier fits in your palm making it simple for you to convey it along with any place you go. 

How it is Air Purifier Working?

This device has a power-on LED indicator and shuts down automatically following 8 hours. It has a working system which is on for 10 minutes, off for 20 minutes and this cycle is rehashed.

“Breathe Smart, Wherever you are.”

How to Use Air Purifier ?

Negative ions are available in abundance in characteristic environments where you inhale unadulterated air. Bring home a bit of nature through this air purifier that scatters unadulterated negative particles to assist you with breathing outside air any place you need - be it your home or workspace. By killing free radicals and improving cell digestion, negative particles assist you with breathing shrewd and live steadily. 

Air Purifier Features

  • • Handheld smart design with LED indication
  • • Sound Sensor control
  • • LED light option which can be used as a Night Lamp
  • • Negative ion output : 3 million Pcs/cm3
  • • Low noise and low power consumption
  • • Coverage area 54 sq ft.


So for a healthier life, purchase an all-rounder air purifier at an affordable price from- now! 

“Breathe your way to a healthier life!”

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