Air Mattresses for Bedsore - Working and Usage

Air Mattresses for Bedsore - Working and Usage

Bedsores might happen, when a patient is lying on the mattress for a long period of time, perhaps he could be hospitalized, disabled or ill to walk. The main reason for the bedsores is the continuous pressure, that is applied at particular body parts together with different elements like humidity. 

Air Mattresses How it works

It is specifically made to refrain the individual's muscle from long-term mended pressure in the same posture for avoiding bedsore. Its toughness makes it perfect not only for house use but also for Hospitals.The product is significantly effective at preventing bedsores and is also extremely lasting. Read More about what is Bedsore and stages

How to use Air-mattress For Bedsores?

  • Unfold & put the air mattress onto a foam mattress in a manner in which the connections are located on the foot side.
  • Connect one end of the air ducts with the air compressors and also the other end together with the air bed. 
  • Turn on the electric pump onto the air bed. The air bed will begin to inflate. Maintain the pressure fixing Knob at full at first. It will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • To repack the mattress if not being used, you will need to exhale the air outside of the nozzles by pressing on it from the opposite side.

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