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Siemens Uristix [ PRO, GLU ] 50 Urinalysis Strips


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  • Ready-to-use
  • May be read visually or using instrument
  • For use with CLINITEK Status®+
  • Packaging: 50 strips per bottle.
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Advantages of urine glucose:

  • Urine glucose testing is easy to do just dip the test strip in the urine and read the result at the allocated time.
  • it is painless as blood glucose monitoring — no finger pricks to collect blood!
  • Urine test strips are less costly than buying a blood glucose monitor and its test strips.

How to perform the test:

  • collect a small amount of urine in a clean & dry container
  • apply this to the test strip, usually by dipping the strip in the urine sample.
  • Remove immediately; wait for 10 seconds, read the test result by comparing the colour change on the test strip with the standard colour range for your brand of test strip. The reference colour chart is printed on the container.

FAQ:What does urine glucose testing involve? Glucose will overflow into the urine only when the blood glucose level is high, that is, too high for the kidneys to stop it spilling over into the urine. In most people’s, blood glucose levels above 10 mmol of glucose per liter of plasma will cause glucose to appear in the urine. This level is called the ‘renal threshold’ for glucose.However, the renal threshold for glucose can be lower in some people who are otherwise healthy, during pregnancy, and in people who have a kidney disorder. In these people, glucose may be present in the urine despite the blood glucose being normal. This can sometimes make urine glucose tests difficult to interpret.


  • Keep out of the reach of children. Test kit chemicals can be poisonous if swallowed.
  • Store these test kits in their original containers. Keep the container tightly closed. Recap the test product container immediately after use.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place, away from heat, humidity (such as the bathroom or shower area), and direct sunlight. Heat-exposed test kits will not work properly.
  • Do not put test kits in the refrigerator. Keep the product from freezing.


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