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STIM Regular Minty Floss – Set Of 3

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STIM Regular Minty Floss - Set Of 3

Dr Dentaids STIM Regular Minty Floss/Best Stim Floss Online Price is an excellent choice of floss. It has a refreshing minty flavour. The floss has an excellent quality of expanding by imbibing the saliva as it comes in contact with it. So, it removes plaques from the interdental space as well as the gum line by expanding.


STIM Regular Minty Floss Features 

Brand Dr. Dentaids
Manufacturer Global Dent Aids Pvt Ltd.
Model Regular
Type Floss
Flavor Mint
Waxed Yes
Ideal for Adults
Pack details Set of 3


How to Use STIM Minty Floss

Take 50 cm of STIM Floss and wrap it around the index fingers of both hands. Pinch floss between fingers, leaving a five-to-six-cm length in between. Place the Floss in the gap between two teeth. Gently guide the Floss between the teeth by using a to-and-fro motion. Be careful not to let the floss snap between teeth. Contour the floss around the side of the tooth, making a C shape as you wrap it around the tooth. Slide Floss up and down against the tooth surface. As you move from one tooth to the next, unroll a fresh section of Floss. Buy More best Dental care and mouthwash products


Stim Minty Floss Benefits Of Uses

  • This dental floss has a fresh mint flavour making the use pleasant.
  • The waxed floss swells up as it contacts saliva and cleans the inter interdental well as the gum line.



Q: How to use Stim Minty Floss?

  • Use 50 I’m floss and wrap it around both hands’s index finger leaving 5 to 6 I’m of floss in between.
  • Now slide the floss between the teeth in the interdental space without snapping the gum and clean the area by sliding it against the tooth in an upward and downward direction.
  • Unroll the fresh floss as you move to the next teeth.

Q: Is the cut floss reusable?

Ans: No. Dispose of the cut floss after use.


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